Tom Deir:  thomasdeir.com
Surfer-artist, inventor, and custom tile designer.  One of the most creative guys I’ve ever known.  And   definitely the most energetic.  And a great friend to everyone.
Eric Chauvin:  blackpoolstudios.com
 A really amazing special effects artist for Hollywood.  Another incredibly creative person and a very neat guy.
John Pitre:  johnpitre.com
Artist, inventor, surfer…another inspiring, creative mind.  Cool guy, too.
Holly Kitaura: hollyvision.biz
What can I say about Holly!  Fun to party with.  And a creative sense of the whimsical that comes from something deep within and real.
Ralph Steadman:  ralphsteadman.com
The Great Gonzo Artist!  I’ll never be able to draw with this kind of spontaneity and guts.
Gil Bruvel:  bruvel.com
Fans imitate.  Real artists come from a place all their own.  And they can’t help it.
Peter Gric:  http://www.gric.at/
Talk about an imagination.  I really love this guys work.
George Yepes:  georgeyepes.com
I really love a lot of the Latin American artists.  And this guy is one of my favorites.
H. R. Giger:  giger.com
Wow.  Everyone knows who Giger is.  And he still amazes me.  Another original.
A. Andrew Gonzalez:  http://sublimatrix.com/
Keep watching this guy.  I think he's going places.  Very exciting work.
Denton Lund:  dentonlund.com
Really beautiful stuff.  Inspiring.
Michael Parkes:  theworldofmichaelparkes.com
Also a real inspiration.
Kris Kuksi:  kuksi.com
Pushing the envelope is what it’s all about for an artist.  And this guy is the real thing.
Online gallery of some amazing surreal art:  beinart.org
One of my favorite sites to explore.  If you love imagination, this is the place.  Lots of awesome artists here.  Be sure to spend a while.