From where the foam swirled round and round, ripples drifted to the water’s edge.

A turbulent phantom slid just below, and beneath a rocky ledge.

Reddish coils seemed to slither and twine, as a graceful hand reached out.

She pulled herself to her pool-side perch, her eyes searching round about.


Her glistening skin sparkled pink and blue, her lips a coral red.

Her sad eyes flickered an ocean green, as she combed her auburn head.

Around her neck were shells and pearls, and trinkets from another world.

And below her waist flashed the jeweled scales, and the fins that twisted and curled.


Her sad restless beauty took hold of his heart, wild creature that could not flee.

And then the maiden began to sing
of her
kingdom under the sea.

“Far beyond the realm of mortal men, beneath briny winds and waves.

Lie castles of coral and jungles of kelp, and riches in their watery caves.”


MERMAID'S GROTTO