[sur-, over, above + regere, to keep straight, direct]

This one belongs to the owner of a large corporation.  It hung for a while in the corporate head office until someone complained that the sexual symbolism was offensive to them.  I guess they misunderstood the title, and were thinking of the sward buried in the little spring at the bottom.  However, that's not what the painting is about.  If you're looking for evil , you'll see it wherever you look, whether it's there, or not.  "When you're fighting monsters, be careful you don't become one yourself," Nietzsche said.  The painting is actually about getting over that kind of brain-washed pettiness and getting a life.

Little Philosopher Girl
On an island far away,
the trade winds brush the light across her face,
moonlight and dreams hanging on her words. 
She speaks of songs from within,
of other worlds, and visions. I hear in her voice
the wisdom of ages, and the mysteries,
see planets spin about her, blown through her hair
like the sands of time. 
Her eyes are the glow of pearls
from an ancient wind-swept sea. 
Her aura shows for a moment,
as she laughs, sparkling,
a sun lighting the solar system
of her presense. 
Or is it the tropical moon
peaking from behind its cloud, to glimpse
the strange and wonderful fairy? 
For a moment I think she's floating
but it's only illusion,
The drunken moon laughs
then disappears. 
Against the warm midnight wind
she pulls her dress over her head
to light a cigarette,
and I am a child of nature,
a satyr,
peaking at her panties. 
Hidden, the moon laughs again, answered only
by the sound of waves on our lonely beach. 
Now her eyes are echoed by the dim ember
of her cigarette as
she looks at me.
Eons of time
resume the dance around her. 
A single strand of wind-blown hair
sticks to the edge of her mouth.
And I feel the presense of the whole world.
The next morning I notice the faint vapor
of her pheromones on my shirt. 
Putting it to my face I smell
music from within, and worlds beyond time,
and mysteries. 
I smell the moon laugh.

24 X 36  Acrylic