Her Majesty
The merfolk have their own religion, or philosophy of life. The gold ammonite below her breast, an ancient fossil, symbolizes nature's eternal, cyclic quality. Like each segment of the ammonite shell, each of us is only one cycle in the whole. If we seek only to preserve ourselves, to stop our own cycle from ebbing, we interrupt the flow of life and destroy everything else, and in the end, ourselves as well.  The dolphins, on the other hand, seem to be the mermaid's loyal and loving subjects: but look again. She praises them as much as they pay respect to her.  Rather than fight against the natural flow, dolphins go with it, living in the currents of life. So live like the dolphin, the merfolk say, flirt with death; flirt with life.

HER MAJESTY                                                30 X 40  Acrylic
With Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin