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AS SYMBOL OF PASSION                                        
The siren myth seems to run through every old culture of the world, in one form or another.  The mermaid is only one of those forms.  It is an archetype ripe with meaning on many levels. The siren in myth is most often a dangerous creature as much as she is pure sexual attraction.  In some myths she lures sailors to their deaths.  In others, she takes them to live with her in her underwater kingdom.
Odysseus confronts many different variations of the siren on his journey. One of the most interesting is his desire to be bound to the mast of his ship so he can listen to their song and be enraptured, yet live through the experience without being destroyed.  He seems to be saying that having been under the spell, yet surviving it, would somehow make him stronger. In a way, this is a mythic image of life itself.  All these ideas are part of my  purpose.
The Spell

 The siren is the ideal symbol of the primal power the female has over man.  As rational beings we are often amazed, overwhelmed, and even frightened, by the profound intensity of that power.

The eternal female is both worshiped as goddess, and feared as demon, in nearly all ancient myth-systems.  The siren myths, I believe, are the expression of that amazement; of the rational man trying to understand, and come to terms with, his own mysterious and uncontrollable biological urges.

The siren myth is the "mother" of all female myth symbols.  She is sensual, alluring, powerful.  Yet, if the man is not prepared for the adventure, she is dangerous.  


She is both the image of intense attraction, and profound fear.  She is the primal sexual urge, she is beauty, she is sublime.  She is all that becomes art. 

The siren is a religious image.  Not of rational religious ideas, but of the spirit of the life force.  She is the essence of that magic that woman posseses over man, and a joyful and playful meditation on all that it means.  But most of all, in art she speaks to all people, of both sexes, and represents those things one spends a lifetime avoiding out of fear, only to regret at the end.  The siren is telling us to prepare for the adventure of life, and live.

The risk of drowning is worth the possibility of Freedom.  But only when you're ready.  So make yoursel ready.

Her Majesty

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