SEDUCTION                                                                   27 x 30  Oil

A Primal Myth

What is that power?

She sings

And the song calls you in ways you cannot resist

You give up everything to follow

You give up life

Give it to her and she defines it

She is more beautiful than any possession

Yet, in places you cannot go

But you jump anyway

To those places you never could before

For her

But find she has no legs

And drown with only a kiss

The woman beyond reach

She is the myth

Of the mermaid


But I found the way

I make love to her on cave walls

Deep where no one ever goes

Where she could never go

I draw, and paint, and I possess her

And she cannot escape

I have turned her smothering, inhospitable world

Into heaven

And turned the twisting, legless body into visual orgasm

Into Art

In my private place

I am the myth

Of the artist