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Will is teaching at Riley Street in January,
Intermediate/Advanced Painting for Oil and Water-based Media
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“Always be drunk. 
Get drunk constantly
– on wine, on poetry, or on virtue,
as you prefer.”



Back to Beginnings

"The universe may exist indefinitely, but this body is not obtained a second time; human life only lasts a hundred years at most, and the days slip by easily. Those who would live happily know the joy of having life and remember the sorrow of wasting it."       
                                                                 Huanchu Daoren

The painting, Back to Beginnings, gets its title from the 16nth century Taoist sage, Huanchu Daoren, whose name translates as, "A Wayfarer Back to Beginnings."  Like the writings of the master, the painting is about returning to simplicity and one's true, authentic self, rather than follow the false material values that lead to a life unfulfilled and empty. The boat at the foot of the steps stands as evidence of a wayfarer returning to beginnings, of a life rediscovered, of an artist reclaiming his art.