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The dicycles cleared a grove of acacia trees, dodged termite mounds, and darted into a brushy thicket. They were not fast, but could cross rough and complicated landscape with ease.

“I’m sorry, Jack,” Rick’s voice came over the radio. “We’re too late. They killed at least six or seven elephants—some of them were calves.”

Jack Mbatu clenched his teeth. “OK everyone, we can’t save the animals, but we can stop these guys from killing any more. I don’t want a single one of them getting away. Stay alert—these jerks are well armed.”

He leaned his dicycle to the left, just barely squeezing through some heavy brush, and dropped down into a dry riverbed. The other two followed.



JACK MBATU ON THE DICYCLE                                                                       

Operation Eco. © 2008 William L. Eaken.  All rights reserved.